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Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or have bought a home before, we’re here to support you throughout the entire process.  We recognize that purchasing a new home can feel overwhelming, which is precisely why we’re here—to ensure the process is enjoyable and straightforward for you!

New Homes in Forney - Free Home Buying Guide

What Information is Included?

How to properly prepare

This covers everything you should do before you start looking for your new home. If you follow this step, the rest will be a breeze.

Refine your areas of interest

We can help you with this step so you do not get overwhelmed with the many builders, communities, amenities, taxes, etc.

Start Your New home search

This is the FUN part! We will guide you through this process by sharing our years of experience and resources to help YOU become a home owner!

Finalize Your home contract

Once we find your DREAM HOME, we will make sure to negotiate the BEST deal and maximum incentives so you don't leave a penny on the table! 🙂

Our Services

Many people are unaware that our services are 100% FREE to you! I know it might sound a little too good to be true but these new home builders pay us for bringing them home buyers so you have NOTHING to lose with our team at New Homes in Forney!

The difference between working with our team and working with the new home sales reps is that if you don't like the product they are selling, they can no longer help you.

Our team can help with any and every builder so we are sure to find you a new home that you are comfortable with and not feel pressured to make this purchase!

New Homes in Forney - Mortgage Lender

We'll help you Get you pre-approved

We've got many very trusted lenders we can connect you with to make sure you have options from the best lenders available. This step is far more important then people realize and will set us up to make sure we get the very best deal with no surprises.

Areas of Interest

Let's Narrow Down the Best areas for you

Let's take a new home tour where we can walk and talk you through what each community and builder has to offer. Amenities, schools, tax rates and anything else you need to know before making your final decision.

Find Your Dream Home

Let's Find your DREAM HOME!

This is where we take the stress off the home buying process and make it SUPER FUN for it should be! 🙂 Day or night, we are ready to show you every builder and community available until we find YOUR DREAM HOME!

It's Closing Time!

Time to close on your new home!

We will ensure you get the BEST possible deal before you finalize the sale and get ready for the best part.....MOVE-IN DAY! We are looking forward to making this process a FUN and SMOOTH process so you can start the next chapter of your life!

Meet Our Team

We have an AWESOME team of knowledgeable and energetic New Home Specialists ready to help YOU!

Jonathan Williams (New Home Specialist)

Jonathan Williams

Owner / Realtor / New Home Specialist

Thomas Dunham (New Home Specialist)

Thomas Dunham

Realtor / New Home Specialist

Tom Weaver (New Home Specialist)

Tom Weaver

Realtor / New Home Specialist

Anthony Butler (New Home Specialist)

Anthony Butler

Realtor / New Home Specialist

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