Top 4 Reasons to Buy a New Home Versus Renting

1) Your Landlord is Rich Enough…it’s YOUR Turn Now!

Stop Renting - It's Time to BUY a Home!You Work Hard for YOUR Money, Shouldn’t it Work Hard for YOU, too?

Nowadays, you’ll be lucky to find a decent, workable rental house for less than $1,500 per month.  Take that monthly rent and multiple it by 12.  $1,500 X’s 12 = $18,000 (each year)! $18,000 that you will NEVER see again, just lost in the wind.

Let’s say you rent for five years.  Let’s even be conservative and say your rent payment continues at $1,500 per month for the entire five year span (60 months).  $1,500 per month X’s 60 months = $90,000! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

Let’s take the same example timeline but this time, let’s assume you paid $200,000 and purchased your own home.  The National Association of Realtors determined that the annual home value increase between the years of 1968 thru 2009 was 5.4%.  This is a conservative number that has held steady through the years.  Now, this does NOT include the insane increases that we have seen between 2012 thru today.  I thought a conservative approach would be better suited for a realistic example.

Using the 5.4% home value increase and assuming you purchased a home for $200k with the minimum amount down, over the course of five years you would be looking at a rough equity increase of over $40,000!  Assuming you’ve made your minimum payments over this 60 month period, you should have your principal paid down to roughly $178k!

With these numbers in mind, assuming you sold this same house five years after you purchased, including selling fees and everything, you should potentially walk away with over $40k IN YOUR POCKET!

So, to summarize, you can either live in a house and spend $90,000 (never to be seen again) over the course of five years OR you can purchase and own your home today and potentially end up with over $40k in the same time frame.  I know which one I would do!  Call us TODAY and we can put a plan together for you immediately so you can join in on one of the most important reasons to purchase a home instead of continuing to rent.  972-236-5060

2) Real Estate is One of the BEST Investments YOU Can Make

Buying a Home is a Great Investment!Look…We All Have to Pay SOMEONE to Live SOMEWHERE.  Why Not Invest YOUR Money into YOUR OWN Appreciating Asset?

Would you like to hear a crazy truth?  Most people will be able to BUY/OWN a bigger, better house for LESS MONEY THAN THEY PAY IN RENT NOW!  Let that sink in for a few minutes.

Why, oh why wouldn’t you buy/own your home if this is true?  EXACTLY!  That is why we share this information with as many folks as possible.  We want EVERYONE to know and understand how possible buying your own home can truly be with a little help from our team.

We’ve already established that we all (well, at least most of us) have no choice but to pay someone our hard earned money to live in a building.  For your own sake and future, please give us a call and let us quickly determine if you can qualify to buy a home, today!  We have an awesome, super friendly team of experienced agents that know how to take care of YOU.  Oh yeah…our services are FREE to home buyers so you literally have NOTHING to lose.  We’ll prove it!  Call or text 972-236-5060  or email us at, NOW!


Over the past five years, I have been lucky enough to assist many clients sell the home I helped them purchase just one to three years prior.  Many (most) of these folks have been fortunate enough to take a portion of their profits to payoff most or all of their debt AND still move up to a better home…in LESS THAN THREE YEARS!  It would likely take most folks ten years to save enough money on their own to accomplish the same goal.

3) Programs Available to Buy a NEW Home for Less than $3,000!

Buy a Home for Very Little MoneyMYTH:  I MUST Have 20% Down to Buy a New Home.


Buying or selling a home can be very confusing, we totally get that.  BUT, this is EXACTLY why we are here!  We have helped hundreds of folks not only buy their own home, but do it in an effortless, stress-free process.

No ma’am/sir, no need for 20% down payment.  In fact, there are several mortgage programs out there that can actually even grant your down payment for you!  SAY WHAT?!  I know, right!  Icing on the cake…our team can even improve on that a little more by helping YOU also get most and sometimes ALL of your closing costs paid leaving you with very little due at closing.

We’ve seen so many folks miss out on the joys of home-ownership simply because they “didn’t think they could qualify”.  Oh boy, please don’t do the same!  Determining if you can qualify can literally be done in less than 24 hours, why not see where you stand?

*** BONUS ***

Don’t be afraid of not qualifying on your first attempt.  Our mortgage lending team alongside our team will NEVER push you to the side if you are unable to qualify today.  Instead, we will put together a plan to get you qualified and we will stay right there with you along the way until you are ready to go.  We truly care and are more than happy to do anything we possibly can to help make your dream of home ownership a reality!


Enjoy the FREEDOM of Home OwnershipIt’s Time to Break the Chains and STOP Sharing Drywall With Half a Dozen Others!

I lived in an apartment for a couple years, I know how annoying it can be.  I just so happened to live under a family of elephants that always loved practicing their stampeding skills at around 9-10pm, randomly during the week.  Paper thin walls, noises coming from all directions and the smells, did I mention the smells?!  What and where the heck are they coming from?

There is no better feeling than to come home from a long work day, relax in your OWN home, cookout on your OWN back patio, make as little or as much noise as you’d like and basically, do whatever you want!  Also…no more having to find your clothes, find your shoes, put on your coat and walk down three flights of stairs for ole “Spot” to do his business.  Just open the back door, or better yet, install a doggie door and VIOLA, no more “photo finishes”!


Give Us a Shout, We'll Take Care of YOU Like Family!

Thank you for reading this post!  We want you to know that buying (or selling) a home can be a piece of cake if you have the right help.  By the way, that’s US if you didn’t get the hint.  🙂

We would love an opportunity to chat with you about your home buying/selling needs.  We are here to answer your questions, address your concerns and to make certain that you have everything you need to make one of the most important decisions you’ll likely ever make.  We look forward to hearing from you soon, Happy House Hunting!